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Filmmaker Vivek Agnihotri posts fake quote by CM of Punjab calling the farmer protest pro-Khalistan and pro-Pakistan

Vivek Agnihotri is a famed film director who maintains a very active presence on social media. He has been known to post about controversial issues. Agnihotri has 5.8 lakh followers on twitter.

On August 14, 2021, Agnihotri posted a graphic of Capt. Amarinder Singh, the chief minister of Punjab saying that he believes that the farmers’ protest has pro-Pakistani and pro-Khalistani elements in it and is responsible for the spread of COVID-19. The credit for the graphic has been given to PGurus but we could not find this image on their page.

The post has almost 10,000 likes and has been retweeted 2,000 times.

Fact Check:

The quote, if  true, could be extremely inflammatory in nature. Agnihotri’s post claims that Capt. Singh said that statement to PM Modi during their meeting. But, because we live in an age of false and misleading information, Capt. Singh himself posted a video message calling out those who were responsible for the spread of this fake news.

Agnihotri’s post is therefore false and misleading. The hidden agenda behind this seems to be to create disharmony and defame Captain Singh.