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Saturday, May 28, 2022

Fact Check: Is Smiriti Irani calling “Petrol Hike” a masterstroke toward Rich people?

A video of Smiriti Irani, Minister of Women and Child Development of India is virally shared over the internet. In that video, Smriti is giving an interview about the petrol hikes and called it a masterstroke for the rich.

People are sharing it on their social media accounts in agitation. A Facebook user states,

“Every day in the opposition, I used to protest on inflation on the road, now inflation is starting to look good, why it is now eating the cream of power, shameful statement.”(Translates Hindi)

Same video was shared on twitter too under the same claim.

Fact Check:

By only looking at the video, one can tell the video is doctored. The wording and the lip-syncing were not at all seems like the voice is added to the old video.

We at DFRAC then advanced searched the video. And found this video on the official Twitter handle of ANI News.

The caption reads, “The spiteful & vengeful politics of Rahul Gandhi which insults not only the people & voters of Amethi but seeks to create a divide between the north & south India is to be condemned by every Indian citizen,” says Union Minister Smriti Irani.”


The video getting viral on social media is doctored, as no such interview was given to ANI.

Claim Review: Smiriti Irani calling “Petrol Hike” a masterstroke toward Rich people

Claimed by: social media users.

Fact Check: misleading





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