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Saturday, May 28, 2022

Fact check: The fake video under Chinese Airline Boeing 737-800 crash got viral

A video is getting viral on social media of a plane crash in South China. Amidst the plan crash of Chinese Eastern Airlines Boeing 737-800 to Guangxi province, China.

The New Indian Express posted a video of a mountainside burning in fire and claimed it as footage of Boeing 737-800 plane crash in Southern China.

Many other users also posted the same video and claimed it was a terrifying crash in the forested hillside of Southern China. Users are stating that 133 people died in the crash

Fact check

After a reverse image search, we found a post from Weibo, a Chinese Newspaper Modern Express claimed that the video from the red fire festival in the village in Fujian province.

Furthermore report also added that the video is of 20th March.

Conclusion: The claim is misleading

Claim review: The fake video under Chinese Airline Boeing 737-800 crash got viral

Claim by: The New Indian Express

Fact check: Misleading


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