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Saturday, May 28, 2022

#ShimogaTerror – A Hatred Trigger to fulfill political propaganda?

The murder of 23 old Bajrang Dal member Harsha, who was employed as a tailor, has evoked riots in various pockets of Shimoga in which main areas were chosen with most Muslim population. After his murder, many Hindus showed their agitation by burning several vehicles on the road.

All these events lead to #shimogaTerror that again triggered the communal riots in Karnataka. The police are now on high alert and special teams are formed to catch the murderers.

People all over the internet are yet again divided into two groups under the #Shimogaterror. Hatred is prevailing in both the groups and the events that further took place are the repercussions of the communal hatred. As Harsha was a member of Bajrang Dal, an extremist Hindu society and was against #HijabRow so many people are now connecting his murder with communal conflict.

Is #ShimogaTerror Connected to #HijabRow?

  1. State Home Minister Araga Jnanendrahas said the probe so far has not revealed any link between the murder and the hijab controversy.Karnataka Chief Minister Basavaraj S Bommai has said in an interview given to Republic Tv that, “Harsha was an activist; he was a member of the Bajrang Dal as well. For obvious reasons, he had picked up a lot of cause, and that irritated a lot of people. There was a lot of local skirmish against him and that has led to this kind of incident, is more than a murder, it is hardcore enmity. They have put out all their frustration on this boy”. Therefore not connecting  it to #HijabRow but pure enmity

Police personnel are also not linking the murder of Harsha with #HijabRow.They say this can be a result of an old rivalry.

Rashmi Samant,a Hindu Human Rights activist claimed that in 2015, a Facebook group named Mangalore Muslims has released a Fatwa against Hindu activist Harsha and related this all with the #HijabRow Controversy.

B L Santhosh, National General Secretary of BJP org, also connected the murder case with protest regarding Hijab in Karnataka. He claimed that Harsha was killed by Jihadi Fundamentalists and killed him brutally in front of his house in Shivamogga for showing support in Hijab Row. He considered him a martyr.

Karnataka Minister KS Eshwarappa directly hit on ‘Muslim community’ for the murder of Harsha , said he was murdered by musalmaan goondas.

Most of the above mentioned people gave it angles according to their political propaganda, as no such connection between #HijabRow and #ShimogaTerror was proven by the police.

This all is done to provoke another Hindu-Muslim riot and drag the people towards hatred.

Through our data analysis, we will provide you with certain anti-social elements who pave the way to put oil in the already burning fire.

A verified account of Yogi Devnath , a pro right-wing and a hate monger spread hatred through his tweets and re-tweets as shown below:


We have covered in our DFRAC Exclusive how he runs a hate factory on his official twitter account.

To know more about it read our report :

Sudharshan news also tweeted about the death of Harsha linking his murder with #HijabRow

 @SureshChavhanke, CMD and Editor-in-chief of Sudharshan News too is a pro right wing and runs a fake news factory and spread much hatred through his channel. We have covered him too under our DFRAC Exclusive report:

Many verified account of right wing spread the hatred through their official Facebook accounts provoking people from a particular religion, using specific trigger lines:

A Bajrang dal member Puneet from karnataka openly said that the sacrifice of Harsha will not go in vein and that they will respond on this.

Various bot accounts were involved in this hash tag to amplify it to the maximum extent by using copy –paste pattern like @Dilshad_9058,@Hasan_78600, @khushal_mo. Etc.

We also found accounts spreading communal hate on #shimogaterror as shown in the collage below:


Various profile were made too on the name of Harsha to escalate the hatred in two groups as shown on the collage given below:Various hashtags were used in all this hatred so that it gets maximum attention and attraction of everyone and that also leads to the completion of the people spreading this hatred agenda.

#SaveShimogaMuslims, #ShimogaTerror

Tweets Timeline

People used this hashtag for entire two days and used various patterns to spread it as far as they can.

The timeline shows that the tweets were at their peak on the 21st of Feb and have gone down significantly from the 23rd of Feb.Hashtags Used

The whole country was divided by Hindu – Muslim conflict so the supports of one group raised the hashtags according to the group they are against with. Major hashtags Used along with #SaveShimogaMuslims include #Harsha, #HinduLivesMatter, #JusticeForHarsha, etc.


Wordcloud below includes words that were mostly used in the tweets along with the hashtag. Some of the words include, “Muslim”, “Hindu”, “Victim Card”, “Bajrang Dal”, “Terrorist”, etc.


Below graph include the accounts which are mostly mentioned by the users tweeting on the hashtag. @DgpKarnataka was mentioned the most followed by @hrw, @un, @ikseshwarappa, etc. All these people were mostly tagged as they were the one who was having close contact with the case and also are the one who has come forward in media interviews to give their opinion on it.

Accounts Interacted the most

The below graph tells about the users who have mostly tweeted on the hashtag. Accounts include, @RajKiranKare, @Touseef87439702, @Redempt09473969, etc. Most of the accounts were supporting an organization like IAMC and is against Modi and RSS.they tweeted it in order to ask for justice for minorities and how minorities are treated in India.Verified Accounts Interacted

The below graph shows who were the accounts that tweeted or replied on the hashtags. Some accounts include, @KapilMishra_IND, @abhijitmajumder, @beingarun28 these all  are the supporters and leaders of a bhartiya janta party are flaming the fire by giving it an Hindu- Muslim angle and connecting it with hijab row when nothing like this was found in the investigation done by the police on their part. This can be seen in the collage below:



Users Device

The data below tells that mostly users interacted using an android device followed by the web application of Twitter.#RSSTerrorists

Accounts tweeted / replied mostly

Accounts that have tweeted mostly on the hashtag include, @raja_sedhupaty, followed by @nawazal88762221 and @shorturl2021, etc. it was seen that all these accounts were against Modi government and RSS so from this incident they got another chance to defame the government.Wordcloud

Some words that were mostly used in the tweets done on #RSSTerrorists include, “Indian”, “Muslim”, “BJP”, “terrorist”, “Karnataka”, “Modi”, etc.

Users Device

It was seen that the maximum number of users who interacted on the hashtag used an android device followed by the Web App of Twitter and IPhone.


Through our analysis it is very clear that  whether a politician or a common man involved in this case, are playing with the minds of people having emotional sentiments against Harsha and a particular religion. Also his murder gave mouth to the people who want to provoke common people to fulfill their propaganda and that was provided to them with the murder of Harsha.

Police have given no verdict on this murder but the opportunist have already given their verdict on it .

As a whole each one of the people involved is trying to defame one party or the other in the name of Harsha to fulfil their political propaganda.

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