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Saturday, May 28, 2022

FactCheck: Lord Jagannath Falls iil. Know The Reality Of The News

A picture of a newspaper cutting went viral on the internet. This viral news of Pratika claims that Lord Jagannath Puri got ill. Moreover, many social media users shared this picture at different times with different captions.

@E_V_periyar shared this picture on 17 Jan 2022 with the caption, “Kuch Bhi(anything)”. Likewise, Dr.Vilas Kharat has shared the same picture on June 11, 2021, with the caption, “The havoc of Brahminism.”


@E_V_periyar’s post 


@ProfVilas’s post



Similarly, many users have shared this picture on their social media handles.


On our FactCheck analysis, we found an article by Patrika regarding the same news.

Report Of

It is an old tradition that Lord Jagannath Swami becomes ill in summer and he gets treatment. He becomes sick for 15 consecutive days from the full moon of Jeshtha month and gets healthy on the new moon day of Ashad month. According to the priest of the temple,  this tradition is going on for about 150 years. Which is still being followed.

But, has written the article in a very misleading way. According to the article, it seems that the God in the person form falls ill and gets treatment.


Different sections of society have different rituals and traditions. People celebrate these traditions with full zeal to show their faith to the almighty. Similarly, Lord Jagannath falling ill is a 150-year tradition.

Claim Review: Lord Jagannath falls ill.

Claim Review: Lord Jagannath falls ill.

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Fact check–  misleading




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