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Saturday, May 28, 2022

Fact Check: Is a Muslim lady getting a beating by the police in HijabRow Controversy?

Today is the 9th day in HijabRow Controversy and the continuation of the protest is still on all over the country. People are coming up with different news and videos every now and then regarding the issue of HijabRow.

Meanwhile, we get to see a video getting viral on social media, where a Muslim lady wearing a Hijab is seen beaten up by the police.

People all over the internet are sharing this video under #HijabRow, to tell the world about the atrocities faced by Muslims in India. The same video is shared by a Pakistani Youtube channel where they humiliated India on international grounds.

Fact Check:

To know the reality of this video we searched it and got to know that this video is of a woman who was wearing a Burqa and Hijab is basically a foreigner who allegedly stabbed a cab driver in gurugram, Haryana.

The cab driver was severely injured and admitted to the hospital for treatment. When police interrogated into the matter the women mishandled the policemen too as can be seen in the video by @live_Hindustan.


Therefore, the video getting viral on social media sites is misleading as no Muslim lady is hurt during the #HijabRow Controversy.

Claim Review: Muslim lady getting a beating by the police in HijabRow Controversy.

Claimed By: AR Videos

Fact Check: Misleading.

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