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Did Congress Party share a poster on Unity?

People often spread much fake news on social media to create influenza regarding their party. On 10th January 2022, a tweet got viral where people were sharing a picture of two men coming from different religions and they were holding a poster which promotes Congress party and gave it an angle of Hindu-Muslim, unity, peace among all the community of India.

An account named UP East Youth Congress (@IYC_UPEast) on twitter having 45.1K followers tweeted, “गंगा जमुनी तहजीब की तस्वीर चंद ज़हरीले लोगो के जहर से खत्म नही होने वाली ।

ये तस्वीर इस और भी इशारा कर रही है कि उत्तरप्रदेश के दिल मे इस बार सिर्फ कांग्रेस है ।

हिन्दू मुस्लिम सिक्ख ईसाई

आपस में हम भाई भाई!

बोलता उत्तरप्रदेश  आ रही है काँग्रेस! #AaRahiHaiCongress”

The Hindi poem concludes that the picture is further indicating that this time only Congress is in the heart of Uttar Pradesh. Hindu Muslim Sikh Christian, we are brothers amongst ourselves! It also says Congress is coming to Uttar Pradesh!

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Fact Check

The picture in the tweet was photoshopped as Nusrat Jahan Ruhi, a human activist and an actor from Bengal posted the same picture having two men of different cultures  and holding a poster promoting TMC Party’s founder Mamata Banerjee on 3rd March 2021.  Nusrat tweets, “Shameless polarization coming from the party that understands nothing of unity or peace! FYI, Mr. @amitmalviya People across all religions, caste groups, genders are rallying behind  @MamataOfficial owing to her good work. Would recommend having some grip on your politics of hate!”

A Facebook page named, Didi ke Bolo also posted the same picture.

“Social unity is giving verdict, Bangla wants its own daughter’

Do you want development in Bengal in the future?

So, take an oath to support the girl of Bengali by going to this website.

#BanglaNijerMeyekeiChay #Didi #MamataBanerjee #DidiKeBolo” says Didi Ke bolo.

Didi Ke Bolo

From our two shreds of evidence, it is clear that the picture was posted in March 2021 and it was promoting Mamata Banerjee ; hence the viral claim is fake and misleading.

Claim Review: A fake poster of congress was getting viral about unity.

Claim by: UP East Youth Congress on Twitter

Fact Check: fake and misleading