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Fact-Check: Zee News and Aaj Tak misrepresent BJP Spokesperson Kuldip Singh Dhaliwal as ‘Farmer leader’

In the last few days since the violence at Lakhimpur, Kuldip Singh Dhaliwal, a spokesperson for BJP has been invited to be a part of a panel on both Zee News and Aaj Tak.

In both instances, he has been labelled as a ‘kisaan neta (farmers’ leader)’.


This however is a misleading statement as Dhaliwal is a spokesperson for the BJP. The farmers have been protesting against the new laws passed by the central government and Dhaliwal represents the government. His statements can be misinterpreted  by viewers who might think that Dhaliwal represents the people who are protesting against the laws.

The official twitter account of Kisaan Ekta Morcha also raised the same question and condemned this act by the news channels.

Therefore, this claim is misleading.