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FactCheck: Is The Information Shared By The Viral Audio Regarding Covid Vaccine Misleading?

Recently, audio is becoming massively viral on social media. In this, information regarding vaccines is shared. In the audio, a person is saying that ” the vaccine is approved for emergency use. Secondly, Bill Gates has patented all the vaccines. The person who will take this vaccine will have no right on himself. Not ever their parents will have any right on them. Bill Gates will become their owner. Moreover, these vaccines are on trial and they are doing experiments upon us. Further, it is not a vaccine it is gene therapy. They are decoding our DNA and changing it. It’s is hollowing people from inside and making them ready for diseases. Those who will take this vaccine will be lifelong sick.


On our analysis, our team found that all the claims in this audio are completely false and baseless. Our team searched for the Connect between Bill Gates and vaccination. We found a report CNCB, which is Bill Gates referred to conspiracy theories that unfortunately keep involving him.

Also, the viral audio claims that the vaccine is actually a gene therapy. In this regard we found a report of , in which it is clearly stated that, “Gene therapy implies The use of DNA which stays in the body and can incorporate into chromosomes. RNA doesn’t do that. The RNA in the vaccines wouldn’t be converted into DNA because the enzymes capable of doing that aren’t present. Moreover, the RNA is not stable enough to hang around and is rapidly degraded.”

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All these claims are bogus and misleading. And, all vaccines in the country are safe. Therefore, Do not share such misleading vaccine information.

Hence, The viral audio is spreading completely fake and misleading information. We request our readers not to believe in any such post on social media platforms before checking the reality behind it.