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#Factcheck: ANI blunder gave rise to another roast session on Twitter

 ANI, Asian News International agency is an Indian news agency that provides multimedia news feed to media houses in India and foreign countries. It was established by Prem Prakash in 1971. ANI has always worked as a torchbearer for the media houses in India. On the occasion of New Year on 1st January 2022, Asian News Agency posted a picture stating, “Visuals of the first sunrise of #newyear2022 from near India Gate”.


The ground reality of the picture prohibits the statement made regarding the view of India Gate as there are no water bodies present in the distance of 2-3 Km near the area of India gate, Rajpath. The distance from Shastri Bhawan to India Gate is 2.5km as shown down in the snapshot given below.


The tweet made by ANI got a sarcastic comment from the spokesperson of the Indian National Congress, Pawan Khera. “And people were not shown the Arabian Sea at India Gate for 70 years”, said Khera.

Spokesperson Khera's Tweet
Spokesperson Khera’s Tweet

Within 21 minutes of ANI tweeting the “visuals of the first sunrise of 2022”, Pawan Khera retweeted on the tweet and made a clear word that it is not possible to have sea view from India Gate, Delhi. Many accounts retweeted on the tweet of Pawan Khera and had their roast session on the blunder made by it.

Retweet on Pawan Khera's tweet
Retweet on Pawan Khera’s tweet


Retweet on Pawan Khera's tweet
Retweet on Pawan Khera’s tweet


ANI deleted the post on 1st January 2022. Here is the archive link of the tweet deleted by ANI and a snapshot of the tweet.

Archived Tweet
Archived Tweet

On the contrary

ANI Hindi news posted the same scenic video in the morning at 8:07 am on 1st of January, which proves that the video and picture is of Gate way of India, Mumbai. Hence, it was a blunder done by ANI on the first day of the year.