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Fact-Check: Ricky Ponting takes a jab at the Indian Cricket Team?

Since India’s exit from the T20 World Cup this year, many social media users have been posting a statement allegedly made by former Australian cricketer Ricky Ponting. Users have been claiming that Ponting made a statement calling out BCCI’s ‘money power’ and how it failed to keep India in the World Cup. 

The quote that has been circulating online reads, “Even with so much control and hold over world cricket, India is out of the World Cup. Money can’t buy success and Pakistan have proved that.” 

Claim posted on Facebook




Firstly, we checked the internet for any such statement made by Ponting and could not find any reports on it. Next, we checked Ponting’s social media handles for the statement and it again led to a dead end. 

We however did find out that Ponting’s representative made a statement to Reuters clarifying that he never made such a statement. 

Therefore, this claim is fake and was only made to mock India’s early exit from the World Cup.