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Fact-Check: Man walks around with a sword in the presence of Tripura police?

In the last few hours, a video has been circulating widely on Twitter. The video shows a man with a sword walking around in the presence of what looks like a policeman.

The man is wearing an orange kurta the colour of which is historically associated with the Hindu right. In the last few weeks, Tripura has seen a surge in communal violence due to which many videos and pictures have been circulating online.

This particular video has been posted multiple times getting thousands of views.


Video getting over 9,000 views


Video was then posted multiple times.


Since the video has now become a viral sensation, Tripura police themselves verified the claim and released a statement that the video is not from Tripura. Attached below is Cyber Crime Tripura’s statement on the video:

Tripura Police’s statement

Since the claim has been debunked by Tripura Police, this claim is false.

Tripura Police’s statement