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Fact-Check: NASA pastes image of Earth on Apollo 17 mission pictures

In the recent couple of days, a video of an interview has been posted on social media. In the video a man can be seen questioning the images released by NASA of earth from space. The man can be seen questioning the nature of these images calling them photoshopped and repurposed. 

In the video, the man questions the famous picture from the Apollo 17 mission taken from the moon with Earth in the background. He declares these images to be photoshopped. 


With a reverse key frame search we found the identity of the man who is Dave Murphy, a well known flat-earther i.e people who believe that the Earth is flat. 

He claims that when the exposure of the photo is decreased, there seems to be a block that forms around the earth leading him to believe that the photo is photoshopped. 

However, upon our investigation we found that the image itself is firstly, old and therefore lacks quality. When an image is in poor resolution, it tends to pixelate. Additionally, we checked other low quality images with the same test that Murphy applied to this image and found similar results. 

Therefore, this claim is fake.