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Fact-Check: Old video of attack on cops circulated with misleading claim

On October 14,2021, a user named @Palashok_ posted a video of what looks like a news coverage by ANI news. In the video it can be seen that cops were attacked by goons in Uttar Pradesh’s Shahjahanpur. The cop who was attacked is named Sushma Yadav details the incident that she was attacked by BJP goons when she tried to stop them for violating traffic rules and then proceeds to question if she being a police officer can get beaten up like this how will female citizens protect themselves. 

The user questions the competency of the BJP government in the state where even police officers are not safe. 

The video has gained over 15,000 views in the last 24 hours. 


Upon performing some keyword searches that were mentioned in the video, we found various news reports on the incident from 2017. 

The incident did indeed take place but it took place in 2017 and not this year. 

Here is a video of the same incident posted by ABP News in 2017:

Therefore, this claim is misleading.