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Fact-Check: Indian Muslim man inappropriately touches inappropriately touched woman in bus?

On October 10,2021, a video of a man in a bus started to go viral on social media. 

In the video it can be seen that a woman is slapping a man who was allegedly repeatedly touching her. The man can be seen apologising. 

The video is being posted along with a caption saying,”इन पक्के ईमान वाले हाजी मियां ने अगली सीट पर बैठी महिला से पिछली सीट से छेड़खानी करने का प्रयास किया।लेकिन बहादुर महिला ने उल्टे इनकी ठुकाई कर दी। सच में देश में हिंदू असहिष्णुता बढ़ती ही जा रही है। बेचारी कौम बहुत ही डर गई है। (English: This strong honest Haji Mian tried to flirt with the woman sitting in the next seat from the back seat. But the brave woman beat them upside down. Really Hindu intolerance is increasing in the country.Poor community is very scared.)”, implying that the video is from India. 

The video has been posted hundreds of times on Facebook and Twitter and is being forwarded on Whatsapp as well. 

Claim posted on Whatsapp


We performed a reverse keyframe search on the video and found a video of the incident uploaded on Youtube on September 30,2019. The description of the video suggested that the woman was molested on a bus in Multan,Pakistan. 

With these keywords, we found various news reports on the issue by Pakistani newspapers such as Pakistan Today and The Express Tribune. According to these papers, the incident took place on September 26,2019 in Pakistan. 

Since the incident did not take place in India and took place in 2019, this claim is misleading