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Fact-Check: Is the song ‘Teri Mitti’ stolen from Pakistan?

A Youtube channel called All tech Urdu posted a video titled “Teri Mitti Female Version – Kesari | Original Song Pakistan 2005 | Bollywood Copy Song”. The video is of a woman singing a popular song from the movie Kesari called “Teri Mitti” and the title insinuates that the song was originally sung in 2005 and is from Pakistan.

The video has close to 9,00,000 views on YouTube with 14,000 likes. The comments section of the page is however turned off.

The Kesari version of the song was nominated for number awards including the National Awards when it was released.


Upon reverse searching the key frames of the video we found that the woman in the video is actually a Gujarati folk singer Geeta Ben Rabari, who is from India. She has sung various versions of the same song on multiple occasions.

Here is a video of her singing the song in the same get up as the video posted by the Pakistani channel.

Also, according to her official website, Rabari was born in 1996 which would make her 9 years of age in 2005 and as we can see, the woman in the video looks to be a full grown adult.

There is no mention of the song “Teri Mitti” on the internet before March 15,2019 which is when the song was released.

Additionally, the song itself is a mix of Hindi and Urdu words. Words such as “balidaan” in the song would have been “shaheed” if it was written in Pakistan.

Therefore, this claim is fake.