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Fact-Check: Did the Indian Army have a Muslim regiment?

On September 19,2021, users on Facebook started posting an image with a lot of text in it. The text in Hindi claimed that the Indian army had a Muslim regiment which was disbanded after the soldiers refused to fight in the war against Pakistan in 1965.

Several users made this claim on Facebook.


Upon researching the claim, we checked the Indian army website for any Muslim regiments but found none. We also found a Times of India article written by retired Lieutenant General of the Indian army, Syed Ata Hasnain who talked at length about this claim and disbanded it completely. According to his article, Muslims have always been a part of the Indian army and several soldiers of the religion have performed countless acts of bravery for the country.  He blames this kind of misinformation on Pakistani sources who want to create disharmony in India.

Since there is no record of this regiment ever existing, therefore this claim is fake.