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Fact-Check: Taliban raid the house of former Afghan Foreign Minister Salahuddin Rabbani and recover alcohol

In the last 24 hours, video of a Taliban raid is going viral on social media platforms such as Twitter. The video shows Talibani raiders in a compound somewhere where they have found numerous bottles of liquor.

The users have claimed that this raid was conducted in the house of former Afghan Foreign Minister Salahuddin Rabbani. As per the religion of Islam, alcohol is strictly prohibited, so this came as a shock to many people.

Video posted with the claim


However, this claim is fake. Just as soon as the video started going viral, the claim was quickly addressed by journalists who identified the video to be from the Czech Embassy in Kabul and not the minister’s house. Several journalists including Czech journalist Ondrej Soukup fact checked the video and said it was from the embassy.

Journalist who debunked the video
Prague Morning Post
Another Afghan journalist who debunked the video
Sharif Hassan also debunked the claim

Therefore, this claim is fake.