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Fact-Check: Old news regarding Amit Shah goes viral. Find out what is was

A recent contentious sermon given by a Bishop Pala in Kerala’s Kuruvilangad in which the pastor talked about how Christian girls are falling prey to “love and narcotic jihad”  has made national news. These comments led to a group of nuns staging a walkout due to the repeated communal and sexist comments made by Bishop Pala and Father Rajeev.  In lieu of this, a recent post of Amit Shah seems to be going viral.

The posts claim that Amit Shah in a recent speech has claimed to have cancelled the licenses of 4 Chrisitan Missionary groups.

Similar claims on twitter

Same claim on Facebook –

( Facebook link )

This claim was also made by and

Fact-Check: Upon research about the claim on the internet, we found The hindu and kreately article that these license cancellations were issued on September 7,2020 rather than 2021.

Additionally, the picture used in the post is actually from a speech Amit Shah gave in Karnataka on the CAA, NRC issue rather than this issue mentioned in the claim.

It looks like this claim was circulated right around the time when the church’s news was making headlines. There seems to be a hidden agenda behind it but nonetheless, this claim is fake.