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Saturday, May 28, 2022

Fact check: The truth behind the video where girls in Hijab were assaulted.

Escalation of Hijab Row enables the manufacturing of fake and misleading news. Another video is going viral on social media where a mob of girls wearing Hijab is getting harassed by a few boys on the street. The video presents a wicked act of racism.  Tariq Baloch said  ‘Deplorable! Control the thugs and Mobs, they are tarnishing India’s image. RSS Hindutva extremists Gangs are throwing dirty water on Muslim girls wearing hijab’  while addressing PM Modi.





Fact Check:

After researching the ground of the video, we got to know that the video is of a college raging in the Eastern University of Sri Lanka. Students of Eastern University were assaulting Muslim students.

Mohamed Sarjoon a Facebook user posted the same video on 23rd February 2019 where women in Hijab are running on the streets and boys are splashing water and different liquid material on them on the road in Sri Lanka.

Facebook Tweet

Another user Lanka Sun News wrote the same note over the injustice done with Sri Lankan Muslim students of Eastern University.

Facebook Post


Hence proving that the claim over video is misleading as the heinous act took place in Sri Lanka and not of India. People are using it as a weapon to escalate the Hijab Row protest.

Claim review: The truth behind the video where girls in Hijab were assaulted

Claim by: Tariq Baloch

Fact check: misleading


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