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Fact-Check: Image of gravely injured man is not from the recent farmer’s protest incident

On August 28,2021,the ongoing farmers protest turned violent when the police conducted lathi charge on the farmers protesting outside an event where the Chief minister of Haryana, Manohar Lal Khattar was in attendance. Lots of images of injured farmers were subsequently posted on social media along with a graphic image of a man’s skulls with stitches.

Congress leader Imran Pratapgarhi also posted the image linking it to the clash. Several other accounts posted the image on Facebook and Twitter.

Imran Pratapgarhi’s tweet

Several other accounts posted the same image

All of the captions seem to point fingers at the ruling party for this injury. It must be noted that Pratapgarhi later deleted the tweet.


Upon reverse searching the image on google, we found that the image was first posted by many ‘gaurakshak’ accounts on Facebook on August 26. They claimed that this injury took place after a group of gaurakshaks or cow vigilantes got into an accident while chasing a vehicle of cow smugglers.

This claim was supported by various news reports of the incident detailing how 5 ‘cow vigilantes’ were injured during a chase on August 25.

Report of the incident by The Tribune

Therefore the claim that the injury occurred during the clash is false.