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Fact Check: Viral Video of Ashraf Ghani leaving Afghanistan

Several Twitter and news media channels from different countries are posting the video of Ashraf Ghani leaving Afghanistan.

Some well-known media channels like FRESH News (Cambodia’s news channel) and Orient TV (Turkish news channel) also posted the viral video without checking whether it is related to recent incident or past.

Upon checking all the accounts, it was found that these channels have a common source from where they took the video. The common source is the digital media channel NAR on Twitter.
Source Tweet

Fact Check:

On the reverse image of various frames of the above video, it was found that it is an old video, when President Ashraf Ghani was on a two-day visit to Uzbekistan in July, 2021. This has been posted by Tolo News on July 15, 2021.

Tweet Posted by TOLO News on July 15.2021