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Fact Check: Misleading photo of a crying girl holding a book in her hands from Afghanistan

As Afghanistan is taken over by Taliban, it is in a total disruption. Afghans are fleeing to other countries by any means possible. Tens of thousands of Afghans swarmed Kabul airport in hunt for an airplane to flee the country from Taliban and their ideologies. Some even clung to the undercarriage of a military transport jet as it prepared to take-off.

In this midst of this chaos, a picture went viral of a crying girl holding a book in her hands. This shocking picture is being claimed that it is from Afghanistan. The ferocity is clearly visible in this picture and fits perfectly with the chaotic situation in Afghanistan.

“This picture is the mirror to the powers of the world as to what their crime is. This heart-shaking photo from Afghanistan” – is a tweet by a user who posted this picture on Twitter.

Misleading Tweet

Many people have shared this girl’s photograph on various social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc, describing it as from Afghanistan and expressing their grief and sadness about the inhuman situation in the country.


Upon having a research and performing reverse-search on the image we found out that this picture of a crying girl is taken by a Palestinian photographer named Fadi Thabet in northern Gaza. 

Photographer Fadi Thabet said that many people have posted this picture on social media saying that it is from Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria and Iran, but he took this photo in the year 2014 in Northern Gaza. The girl’s house was bombed by the Israeli Army, due to which the girl had to flee from there.

We also have found out a video of Fadi Thabet where he is telling about the girl in the picture. Video: