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Saturday, May 28, 2022

Fact check: Is Australian Captain Aaron Finch about to declare his retirement from Cricket?

Aaron Finch, captain of the Australian cricket team in T 20 has made a half-century against Pakistan in T-20. Many controversies have been involved against him not being in form yet heading the team. Meanwhile, News of his retirement or a decision not to play in any cricket match is going viral on social.



The news of his retirement was getting viral around 3 April and users also claimed that he was supposed to call out for a press conference a day after the news.

Fact check

After Aaron’s win in the T20, he stated not to question his batting skill during the match. He mentioned that although he was going through a rough patch in the past matches yet he believes in his training and a comeback.

Statement of Aaron Finch

The below-given video is of a T20 match against Pakistan where Australia won by 3 wickets. In the whole video, he didn’t mention anything about his retirement.

Hence proving that Finch has made no such announcement about his retirement.

Claim review: Australian Captain Aaron Finch about to declare his retirement from Cricket

Claim by: MiSsI17_02

Fact check: fake

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