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Saturday, May 28, 2022

Fact check: Did a drone attack take place in Abu Dhabi Airport?

A claim is getting viral on social media about a drone attack at Abu Dhabi Airport. According to the claim, a Pakistani and 2 Indians got killed in the attack and 6 people got injured severely. Some users also claimed that UAE authorities have blamed Iran backed Houthi rebels for the attack. Claims are getting viral from 17 January 2022 onwards.

Anes Mansoor member of the International Federation of Journalists, editor-in-chief of Hana Aden newspaper, a writer in the Arab press and a TV analyst and media consultant also posted the same claim, “Chaos in Abu Dhabi _#UAE

“#Yemen’s #Houthi rebels attacked with a drone near the airport. Oil tankers were targeted in the attack, in which 3 oil tankers came under its grip. The flames reached Abu Dhabi Airport.”#AbuDhabi #اليمن_يؤدب_الامارات”

In short- A claim is getting viral that a drone attack took place in Abu Dhabi Airport and 3 causalities were reported.

Fact Check

After cross-checking the claim, we got a tweet from Khaleej Times which is also UAE’s first English daily Newspaper of 5th November 2015. In the tweet, Khaleej Times uploaded the same video and claim that 6 people got injured in a fiery explosion at the marketplace in Abu Dhabi.

Another report of Emirates 24/7 has an article which was posted on 5th November 2015 regarding the fire that took place in a warehouse of supermarket and 6 people got injured in the fire explosion. No causalities took place in the accident. Everything got under control as Abu Dhabi Civil Defense and Rapid Intervention teams successfully controlled the fire explosion at the Super Market’s warehouse in the Mussafah.

Emirates 24/7

Conclusion- The claim is fake and misleading as the video is not of a drone attack at Abu Dhabi Airport instead it was a video of a fire explosion in a supermarket’s warehouse in Abu Dhabi.

Claim review: Fact check: Did a drone attack take place in Abu Dhabi Airport


Claim by: Anes Mansoor, Twitter account

Fact check: fake and misleading




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