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FactCheck: Did British woman recite Sanskrit shloka on Spanish radio channel?

A video is being shared extensively on social media. In which a British woman can be seen reciting a Sanskrit shloka.

Viral Video of British woman
Viral Video of British woman

Sharing the video, a user claimed that a British woman is reciting a Sanskrit shloka on a Spanish radio channel.

User's claim on British woman
User’s claim on British woman

Several users also posted this video on Twitter with a similar claim.

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On checking the viral video, our team found a report published on 05 Jan 2019 on Grin News website. Report Report

The woman’s name in this report has been given as Gabriella Burnell. Reports say that Gabriella started singing at the age of 16. She used to sing jazz songs with her friends at parties. She also started his own band. After college, she also wrote several songs which she played at gigs across the London. She also composed some music and briefly did stand-up comedy.

Gabriella Burnel's twitter handle
Gabriella Burnel’s twitter handle

According to the report and her Twitter handle, she is not living in Spain but in London.

Apart from this, we also got a tweet from the British High Commission in India. In which the video of Gabriella Burnell was posted. Also said, listen to @gabriellaburnel who promotes Sanskrit, the ancient language of #India and has earned her the nickname ‘India’s Cultural Ambassador to the UK’ – her work shows the importance she gives to Indian culture.

So, it is clear that Gabriella was not reciting Sanskrit shlokas for Burnell’s radio channel. This claim is misleading.