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Fact Check: Is the Piyush Jain is associated with BJP?

In Kanpur, the team of GST and Income Tax raided the house of businessman Piyush Jain. Crores of rupees in cash and gold were recovered during the raid. There was a lot of controversy after this raid. All the BJP leaders including CM Yogi Adityanath were claiming that Piyush Jain to be associated with the Samajwadi Party. On the other hand Samajwadi Party leaders claiming that Piyush Jain is associated with the BJP.

Tweet of Rajesh SP
Tweet of Rajesh SP

Amidst all this, a different kind of debate is going on social media. Many people are claiming that the raid happened at Piyush Jain’s place by mistake, this is because the raid was to be held at the place of Samajwadi Party leader Pushpraj Jain alias Pumpi, but the BJP mistakenly got its own worker Piyush Jain raided, claimed by social media users.

In this episode, a tweet of News-24 with its the news breaking plate going viral on some media. It is written in this tweet- “Akhilesh Yadav ji NEWS 24 inadvertently made a mistake, we tarnished your image at the behest of BJP, for which our channel apologizes to you.” At the same time, the text wrote on breaking news plate is- “Piyush Jain, a member of BJP with 150 crores”.

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This viral tweet and breaking plate was investigated by our team. First of all, we checked the Twitter account of News-24, whether they really did any such kind of tweet or not? Our team did not see any such tweet posted on News-24’s Twitter. However, we found a tweet from News-24, in which they have clarified saying it is fake.

News-24 clarified – “This fake screenshot is viral on social media. Pls ignore this. Please take cognizance @TwitterIndia @TwitterSupport #FactCheck #Fake “. News-24 in its clarification has also called the braking plate is fake.

News24 tweet on Piyush Jain
News24′ Tweet

Hence, it is proved in our investigation that the claims made by social media users are misleading and fake. Because News-24 has never posted anything like this on Twitter.