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Fact-Check: Were release of Covid variants pre-planned or was it just a hoax?

Recently an image has got viral where it claims that the corona virus pandemic is staged and the omicron variant of the virus came six months ahead of its schedule. This picture contains a tabular data with Greek alphabets starting with delta written on one column and months on other. The picture also contains logos of John Hopkins University, World Economic Forum and World Health organization.

This image created tension in the society as everyone is now thinking that this pandemic is all pre-planned and omicron is ahead of its schedule. People are raising concern while posting this picture.

Fact Check

After going through the fact check analysis on this viral image, we found out this image to be fake. As per WHO the delta variant of the coronavirus was found as early as Oct 2020 in India. But this picture shows the variant to be found in June 2021.

Likewise, the Epsilon, Zeta and Eta variant were also found in Jan 21, Apr 20 and Sept 20 respectively. The dates mentioned in the image for these variants to be found is wrong.

Therefore, it states that the image that has been viral is nothing but fake and is spread to create hoax and panic in the society.