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Fact Check: Old, Fake and unrelated images are being viral on Twitter using #JusticeForRailwayStudents hashtag

On 1st Dec, 2021, hashtag #JusticeForRailwayStudents is trending at number one on twitter with 3.0M Tweets. Railway aspirants are furious with the government after the board has been halting the exams of Group D, candidates are demanding the Railway Recruitment Board to conduct the exam as soon as possible. To show their outrage against the government, students rooted to Twitter and trended #JusticeForRailwayStudents demanding justice for their hard work.

Figure: Hashtag #JusticeForRailwayStudents is trending at number one on twitter

While some of the Railway aspirants are genuinely showing their anger by using the above hashtag. Along with them, some mischievous accounts are posting old, morphed and unrelated images to mislead common people. Some of the examples are shown below:

Tweet 1:

A verified twitter account bu the name Afzal Anis has posted an image of students protesting at railway tracks, with the description “Governments should listen the voices of their own students, as they are the backbone of this nation. Who will listen to them if the government does not? Retweet to support #JusticeForRailwayStudents

Tweet by @iafzalanis

This tweet has been retweeted 2.8K times, Quote Tweeted 62 times and liked around 700 times.

Fact Check:

On performing simple reverse image search of the image shared by Afzal Anis, it was found it has been taken from a The statesman article of 2018 with the title “Rail Roko hits train services”.

2018 article of The Stateman

Hence, it can be seen the above image is not even related to the outrage of railway aspirants but it is of the image of ‘Rail Roko’ agitation launched by the Adivasi National Convention Committee (ANCC) at different places in Assam.

Thus, the image used above is misleading.

Tweet 2:

A twitter account with the name Vartika Shukla, has posted an image on Nov 30, 2021 using the hashtag #JusticeForRailwayStudents with the description, “#JusticeForRailwayStudents It is very shameful that the government doesn’t hear our appeal after grievance and they said that youth is future of our would..”

Tweet by @Vartika252

The above tweet has been retweeted 5.3K times, Quote Tweeted 177 times and liked 1.8K times.

Fact Check:

On performing simple reverse search of the image shared by @Vartika252, the original image of the same truck having the same number plate was found. But the placard as is seen attached in the photo tweeted by @Vartika252, it was not present in the real image of truck

Real Image of Truck

Hence the above image being shared and retweeted many times is morphed.