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Fact-Check: Muslims beat up a policeman over challan?

On September 25,2021, a video started to go massively viral on social media concerning the public beating of a police officer. The video shows a police officer beaten up in public on a street. The claim that was posted along with this video was that Muslims in Bareilly were mercilessly beating up a policeman just because he cut a fine for them.

The video was posted many times over with the same exact claim on Facebook and Twitter.


Upon looking at just how viral the video went, Bareilly police issued a statement clarifying that the video actually took place in Bharatpur, Rajasthan where after failing to make an arrest, the policeman crashed with another two wheeler on the road leading to the clash.

Since the incident took place in Rajasthan and not Uttar Pradesh and there was no communal angle to it, this claim is fake.