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Fact-Check: Farmer to Rahul Gandhi: We are very happy with the government. Is it true?

On September 11,2021, the official spokesperson of BJP, Naveen Kumar Jindal posted a video of Rahul Gandhi talking to a couple about their struggles. The man is identified to be a farmer and can be heard saying that they are happy with the government.

Video posted by Jindal

The video is captioned “राहुल गांधी के मुंह पर ही बोल दिया इस किसान ने की सरकार बहुत अच्छा काम कर रही है किसानों के लिए ₹6000 साल का मिल रहा है हम बहुत खुश हैं सरकार से।”, implying that the farmer is from a BJP ruled state and is upfront about it in front of Rahul Gandhi who is of the opposition.

The video has 6,000 views and 1500 likes on Twitter.


Upon reverse searching the key frame of this video we were led to the video being posted on the official YouTube channel of INC India that said that this footage is of when Rahul Gandhi met fellow pilgrims while traveling to Vaishno Devi.

We were also led to news reports and reporting done by journalists on the video. Amar Ujala covered Rahul Gandhi’s visit to the religious site and included an image of this interaction in their coverage.

Additionally, journalist Aadesh Rawal clarified that the couple was from Chattisgarh which is a Congress ruled state. Rawal mentions that the farmer is happy with the Godhan scheme which is a scheme in Chattisgarh.

Aadesh Rawal’s tweet

Since the video is of a farmer from Chhattisgarh which is Congress ruled we can say that Jindal’s claim is misleading.