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Fact-Check: Did RAW, Mossad, CIA, MI6 and KGB sit together at a high level meeting in New Delhi

On September 15,2021, an image of a conference meeting started to get posted by multiple handles on Facebook and Twitter.

The users claimed that this meeting was taking place between the ‘top five’ intelligence agencies of the world namely, RAW from India, Mossad from Israel, CIA from USA, MI6 from Great Britain and KGB from the Russian Federation. They claimed that this is the first time all of them were meeting together and that too in New Delhi.

Several of the same claim was posted on Facebook as well.


Upon performing a simple reverse image search on google, we found that the original image was first used on September 8,2021 by various news articles that covered a delegation level meeting between India and Russia to discuss the Afghan crisis.

Several news websites covered the meeting and used this image in the articles.

Since the meeting was clearly between the Indian and Russian delegations and not the various intelligence agencies, this claim is fake.