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Fact-Check: No, Nilkamal Plastic did not put “Pakistan Murdabad” stickers on their dustbins

Within the last 24 hours, a post about a dustbin is going viral both on twitter and Facebook. The picture in this post is of a green coloured dustbin made by Nilkamal Plastic and below the company logo, there is a sticker that says “Pakistan murdabad”. The image is sensitive and takes a jab at religious sentiments as well.

The same picture along with the caption “नीलकमल प्लास्टिक वाले ने तो दिल खुश कर दिया😀

हमें भी ऐसे देशभक्तों से सामान लेना चाहि” (translation: Nilkamal plastics have made my heart happy We should also take goods from such patriots) was posted multiple times on Facebook and twitter.

The same image was posted over and over again

The post on Manoj Tiwari for CM page has over 10,000 likes. Each version of the post on Facebook has at least 1,000 likes.


Upon reverse searching the image, we found that these stickers were put on dustbins in Udaipur railway station after Pulwama attacks in 2019. We found a news report that entailed that nobody knows who put the stickers there and were immediately taken after their discovery.

Therefore, Nilkamal Plastics did not put this stickers on their products. Hence, this claim is false.