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Hateful mob destroys Muslim dosa makers’ stall

On August 27, 2021, the news website Molitics posted a video that showed a group of men working at a dosa stall. The caption claims that this video is from Mathura and that the dosa stall’s name is “Shrinath”.

In the video, a group of men can be heard and seen asking questions to the vendor. As the video progresses we start to sense a tone of anger starting to be used by them. They start to assert that how dare he use the name ‘Shrinath’ on his stall when he is a muslim.

The men then proceed to ask him to take his stall and name down. The man is still calm and has not reacted to it. Finally, men start to climb the stall and tear it apart.

This is an act of violence that has been undertaken by the mob. They simply tore his posters because he named his stall ‘Shrinath’ and not a muslim name. This kind of hate and harassment is only getting more rampant both online and in the physical world. Such acts must be condemned furiously.