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International campaign against India in the guise of Prophet Muhammad

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Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ) has the highest place in Islam after Allah. Respect for him is an emotional issue for 1.8 billion Muslims around the world. Controversial comments made on Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ) in any part of the world, and derogatory statements about him directly affect the world’s second-largest religiouscommunity. It also has a direct impact on geopolitics as well. The controversial cartoons published by the French magazine Charlie Hebdon and the Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten caused a lot of protests around the world.

There was a lot of controversy in India after the controversial statement made by Nupur Sharma, the former spokesperson of the Bharatiya Janata Party, on Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ). It is noteworthy that India has had friendly relations with Arab and Muslim countries for centuries. For the first time in history, India had to face the harsh displeasure of these countries. Although this seems to be the whole case. It’s not like that. In this regard, DFRAC is going to make a big disclosure in its report that how a sponsored anti-India campaign was carried out under the guise of the Prophet Row.

الھیئةالعالمیةلنصرةنبيالإسلام @SUPPORTPROPHETM

الھیئة العالمیة لنصرة نبي الإسلام i.e. International Organization to Support the Prophet of Islam, is a global campaign in support of the Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ) which claims to raise issues related to the respect of the Prophet and Islamophobia at the international level. Most of the members of this organization have religious affiliations with the “Muslim Brotherhood”. It is an international organization based on the political Islam of SayyidQutb, Abul Ala Maududi, and the Salafi ideology of Ibn Taymiyya and Ibn Abdal Wahab. Ibn AbdalWahab is accused of promoting the fanatic ideology of Islam and insulting the Prophet Muhammad and his family members. In such a situation, it is hilarious that if the father of the ideology has insulted the Prophet, then why are the people of that ideology standing in support of the Prophet?


According to @SupportProphetM, this organization was formed by joining more than 50 alleged Ulemas from all over the world. It operates from Istanbul, Turkey. The organization also includes Sheikh Salman Hussein Al Husseini Al Nadwi from India as a member of the Board of Trustees. He is accused of supporting the terrorist organization Islamic State chief, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi by writing him a letter and congratulating him on being appointed as the caliph of Muslims and has praying for his well-being and safety.

After the controversial statement of Nupur Sharma, a campaign of propaganda was launched against India on behalf of the organization, especially in the Gulf and Arab countries. Although this campaign initially appears to be associated with the honour of the Prophet. But later it became clear that this campaign of propaganda is not to honour the Prophet but to target India at the international level. Attempts were made on behalf of the organization to intervene directly in the internal affairs of India.


@SupportProphetMالھیئة العالمیة لنصرة نبي الإسلام is the official Twitter account of the International Organization to Support the Prophet of Islam. This account was created on 13 October 2021. The account currently has 73.7K followers. Through this account, many hashtags were run to damage the image of India in Muslim and Arab countries. Fake and misleading news were also used to defame India with these hashtags.

Fact Check

  1. Communal color given to the killing of Afghan Sufi Maulana in Nashik.

Communal angle was given to the shooting of Afghan civilian Sufi MaulanaKhwaja Syed Zarib Chishti in Nashik, Maharashtra by @SupportProphetM.

Source: Twitter

@SupportProphetM wrote in his tweet that ‘Hindus targeted the Imam of the mosque. 35-year-old Muslim cleric Khwaja Syed Chishti was shot dead by 4 Hindus.’ However, this claim of @SupportProphetM turned out to be completely false in the DFRAC analysis.

Source: The Indian Express

In fact, during the investigation, we got a report from Indian Express. According to the which, the police primarily told the property dispute behind Imam’s murder. Also said that no communal angle has come to the fore in this matter.

  1. False claim veiled woman was trampled by car of Hindu driver

@SupportProphetM tweeted a video of a veiled woman being trampled by a car, saying in Arabic that a Hindu in Hyderabad hit a veiled Muslim with his car and fled.

Source: Twitter

However, our investigation also found this claim to be misleading.

Source: NDTV

Actually, during the investigation we got a report from NDTV. In the report, Inspector NagendraBabu of Rajendranagar police station stated that “the accused of the same colony was learning to drive. During this, the car went out of control and hit the girl. The vehicle, Santro, was confiscated.”

  1. Fake image shared against PM Modi

A picture of the signboard of a railway station was posted by @SupportProphetM about Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to Tamil Nadu. It was written on the picture, “Tamil Nadu says – go back Modi, we hate you.”

Source: Twitter

Along with the picture it was written that, “Indian social media has resonated with the hashtag #GO_BACK_MODI, calling for Modi to quit, due to his abhorrent racist policies and their dire economic repercussions. Activists circulated images of banners spread across the streets in which it was written: “Modi, go away. We hate you.”

However, our investigation found this picture to be fake.

Anti-India propaganda in Arab countries:

After Nupur Sharma’s statement, many hashtags were run through this account to spread anti-India propaganda in Arab countries. In which #طرد_السفير_الهندي (boycott Indian ambassador), #مقاطعة_المنتجات_الهندية (boycott Indian product), # اطردواالهندوسمن_الخلي (exit Hindus) لا_رسول_الله_يا_مودي#إلا_رسول_الله (either prophet or modi),#غضبةالمليارلرسول_الله (millionaires’ anger for the prophet)is still ongoing. The tweets accompanying these hashtags and old events were shared in a misleading way. Due to this, it appears to the Arab countries that the atrocities on Muslims in India may soon take the form of genocide.

कुवैत में चलने वाले भारत विरोधी हैशटेग का विश्लेषण

These types of hashtags were run in the same way as before in Kuwait which has been disclosed by DFRAC in its report analysis of anti-India hashtags running in Kuwait.


This hashtag was running with an appeal to remove the Indian ambassador from Arab countries. Most of the tweets made with this hashtag tried to show the atrocities of Hindus on Muslims in India. For this, the provocative speeches and acts of Hindutvavadis were made on the basis.


Translation: A Hindu sadhu instigates Indians against Muslim women, and tells Muslims that your family and their women will be in danger. Hindus do not stop attacking Islam and spreading hatred toward Islam in the hearts of their followers.

Tweet – 2

Translation: Standing to demand trial against Muslims in the Indian capital Delhi, just because of a piece of meat.

#إلا_رسول_الله_يا_مودي (either prophet or modi)

#إلا_رسول_الله_يا_مودي This hashtag started soon after Nupur Sharma’s statement surfaced. The tweets with this hashtag were tweeted on the protests against Nupur Sharma across the world including India. At the same time, Prime Minister Narendra Modi was getting directly targeted for this.

Tweet– 1

Translation: O nation of two Arabs.. #مودي_قتل_مدثر

25-year-old Indian youth Mudassir Khan was shot in the head by the Indian police when he was protesting against insulting the messenger of God, God bless him and give him peace.

Tweet – 2

Translation: In the past, King Khosrow of Persia tore the message of the messenger of God, God bless him and give him peace

God separated his kingdom in one night. And here in Modi and the ruling Indian party God’s Sunnah is being repeated before our eyes.. Is anyone credible!!?

مقاطعة_المنتجات_الهندية (boycott Indian products)

The tweets made under this hashtag have targeted India internationally. Under this hashtag, an attempt was made to target India on every small issue. In this, mainly the arrest of Fact Checker Zubair, the depreciation of the Indian rupee against the dollar, the ban on the dharna of the opposition MPs, the hijab ban, the Lulu Mall controversy, the violent protest against the Agneepath scheme, etc. were raised loudly.

Tweet- 1

Translation: Muslims are capable. Rupee hits record low in first half of July after successful boycott campaigns for Indian goods.

Tweet- 2

Translation: A request for bail for Muhammad Zubair, a journalist who exposed Indian rule’s crimes against Muslims, was rejected as his name was linked to a new case in Lakhimpur state.

Tweet- 3

Translation: #Hijab is our right.

Tweet- 4

Translation:Indian Muslim girl panicked after an Indian officer snatched her phone and took pictures of her without hijab

#مودي_قتل_مدثر (Modi kills Mudasir)

On June 10, a minor named MudassirAlam was shot dead during a protest in Ranchi, the capital of Jharkhand, in protest against Nupur Sharma’s statement. Under this hashtag, Prime Minister Narendra Modi was held responsible for the death of MudassirAlam.

Tweet -1

Translation: #مودي_قتل_مدثر a young man in his twenties did nothing but say #إلا_رسول_الله_يامودى Is our blood cheap? so #اطردوا_الهندوس_من_الخليج


Translation: A secret murder will not go unnoticed. We will keep calling #حاكموا_مودي_وحزبه until these killers are brought to trial.#مودي_قتل_مدثر..This is a crime. We will not let Mudasir’s blood go to waste.


#غضبة_المليار_لرسول_الله (The anger of millionaires for the Prophet)

Under this hashtag, an appeal was made through Islamic scholars to protest against India. In this appeal, it was made a responsibility of every Muslim to protect the honour of the Prophet. Along with this, violence against Muslims in India was also cited. Several videos of the appeal were also released underthis hashtag.


Translation: Qatari journalist Abdulaziz al-Ansari – Hindus should be expelled from the Arabian Peninsula.


Translation: Sheikh RayadSalaj: Exposed in front of the Messenger of God and then accuses Muslims of terrorism. What a foolishness of the servants of cows.

#اطردوا_الهندوس_من_الخليج (Get the Hindus out of the Gulf)

This hashtag was run to expel Hindus living in Arabia and the Gulf. In which it was said that Hindus living in Gulf and Arab countries oppress Muslims by earning money from here.


Translation:We have many pressure papers which are a reason to give relief to our weak brethren.









Translation:Islamic nation is not powerless. use your pressure card.don’t give your money to Hindus, because they will kill your Muslim brothers in India with this.


Translation: The criminal Indian media who had earlier threatened to bomb the Kaaba, Hindus are now demanding that no jobs should be given to the hungry Muslims in India!!!


Translation:#هندوسي threatens to beat a girl”and asks her to abuse Allah”

O country of two billion Muslims, when we are asked about our children and women in India, how will we stand before Allah!?! Let us know the answer…!


This Twitter account of @SupportProphetM was created in October 2021. The first tweet from this account was posted on October 13. About 90 tweets were posted from the account on October 26, 2021. Which are the most number of tweets made by the account in a day. These tweets were made regarding the boycott of French products. Tweet 1, Tweet 2, Tweet 3 can be viewed here, here and here.

Afterwards, the account’s post timeline remained stable. But it started rising again on June 5th. On 30thJune 2022, 80 tweets were made in a single day. All these were done regarding PM Modi’s visit to UAE. Tweet1, Tweet2, Tweet3, etc.

The first tweet was about the boycott of the hashtag French products (#مقاطعة_المنتجات_الفرنسية354), referring to Sami Assadi (@sami_assaadi).

Hashtag Used

The graph above shows the most popular hashtags ran by @SupportProphetM. In which #طرد_السفير_الهندي was used the most with more than 325 times, followed by #غضبةالمليارلرسول_الله more than 310 times.

Account Mentioned

The above diagramshows the accounts that were most mentioned or tagged by @SupportProphetM, @drassagheer was mentioned the most 130 times, followed by @melhamy, Secretary General of @SupportProphetM. And @Alhasniy23 was also tagged 45 times.

Followers creation Timeline

DFRAC desk checked the account for the period from October 2021 to June 2022. On October 4, 2021, 186 new accounts were created on Twitter, all of whom had started following and mentoring @SupportProphetM. At the same time, @SupportProphetM also started in the month of October itself.

After 5th June 2022, around 230 new accounts were created and on 6th June 200 accounts were created, as can be seen in the graph above, also following @SupportProphetM. Also, most of the accounts created in bulk are bot accounts.

Fake Followers Audit

Verified Account

@SupportProphetM has over 73.7K followers, 42 of them following the verified Twitter account @SupportProphetM. Those verified accounts include @ShaikhDadow, that is linked to @SupportProphetM and has over 305K followers on Twitter. It is followed by @saeedthabit who is Yemen’s Al Jazeera bureau chief. It is followed by @HaithamAlheweny, followed by @MustafaSejari who is a Syrian politician. Then followed by @dochijazi and also by @HawasAhmad, editor-in-chief of Germany Risala Post.

Non-Verified Accounts

A large part of @SupportProphetM’s followers are non-verified accounts. Including former Kuwait deputy @Altabtabie. Apart from this, it is followed by @mshinqiti, @saiedibnnasser, @drtarekelzomor, @bachtiarnasir etc.

Follower’s Location

After analyzing the locations of over 25,000 followers of @SupportProphetM, we created a world map marking the followers’ locations. Which revealed that many of the followers of this account are from Egypt, followed by Saudi Arabia and the United States. Over 1,000 accounts that follow @SupportProphetM are from India. The rest are from Algeria, the United Kingdom, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Sudan, Libya, Morocco, etc.

Account Following from India

@SupportProphetM is followed by over 1,000 users from India. These include @thehawkeyex, @SamiullahKhan__ (journalist from Mumbai), @Saba_speak, @listenshaad (lawyer from Jammu), @S_h_mehar, @ShakurK72498965 (AIMM activist from Rajasthan), etc

Account Tweeting on the Hashtag

The graph above shows the accounts that tweeted the 7 hashtags run by @SupportProphetM. @shafique_faqir tweeted on all 7 hashtags whereas @Hassanraisi70, @hdayh13, @mhmdahm51014725, @AhmedAl33450792, @amlimam2, etc. tweeted on 6 out of 7 hashtags.

Support of hardcore Salafi organizations

As mentioned above, the organization has been created by combining the so-called Ulemas. Most of them follow the orthodox Salafi ideology. The father of this ideology is Muhammad bin Abd al-Wahhab. Through his fatwas, he himself did the work of humiliating the Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ). The number of people of this ideology is less than one percent of the total Muslims. But today Islamic extremism is the main source of violence around the world.

पार्ट 1 : जाकिर नाईक का संगठन प्रतिबंधित लेकिन उसका मिशन अब भी जारी

पार्ट 2 : जाकिर नाईक का संगठन प्रतिबंधित लेकिन उसका मिशन अब भी जारी

Zakir Naik and his supporters have been prominent in spreading this ideology in India. He came into the limelight after the bomb blasts in Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh on July 1, 2016. 29 people died in this attack. Investigation revealed that one of the arrested accused was influenced by Naik.

After the blast, investigation started against Zakir Naik in India. In which it was found that his statements are objectionable and spread hatred among different communities. After investigation, Zakir Naik’s organization was banned in India. However, in the meantime he left India and fled to Malaysia. Even today his supporters are spreading his mission with full readiness. In which All India Claims Center Association (AIDCA) is prominent. Which has been disclosed by DFRAC in its report. Going through the tweets of @SupportProphetM, we found out that the account has been promoting AIDCA.

Source: Twitter

Similarly, @SupportProphetM promotes anti-India American author and law professor Khalid Baydoun. About whose anti-India propaganda, DFRAC has disclosed in its report DFRAC Special: American author and professor Khalid Beydoun and his hateful narratives.

Source: Twitter

Anti-India propaganda on Facebook too

@SupportProphetM Anti-India propaganda continues on Facebook like Twitter. It has more than 84,440 followers on Facebook.

The @SupportProphetM page on Facebook was created on October 12, 2021 and is registered as a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO).

The Facebook page has 14 members, 11 of whom are from Turkey. All of Twitter’s photos and videos are posted on the same page as well.

Simultaneously, the DFRAC team also collected information about the website of @SupportProphetM. It revealed that the website was registered on 15 October 2021.

The domain and server information of the website is hidden. ‘Reducted for privacy’ means that the information has been hidden because whoever owns the domain did not want people to access it. Archive link of the website till 31 October 2021.


It is clear from the DFRAC analysis that @SupportProphetM is using the emotional issue of respect for Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ) as a weapon for his anti-India agenda. Its main objective is to evacuate millions of Indians working from Arab and Gulf countries. So that India’s economy suffers due to lack of foreign exchange. Nupur Sharma’s statement, mob lynching, anti-Muslim violence, hijab ban, etc. are such major issues. On which he could take action against India by pressurizing the local governments through the people of Arab and Gulf countries.

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Dilshad Noor
Dilshad Noor
Mr. Dilshad Noor is a research fellow at DFRAC with experience of 8 years in the field of journalism He has done his bachelor's in journalism from VMOU, Kota. He has done MA and LLB from the University of Kota. He specializes in report making and research analysis.

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