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Part 1: Zakir Naik absconded from India but his mission continue.

Zakir Naik

The Government of India banned the Salafi scholar of Islamic Research Foundation Zakir Naik firstly in 2016. After that, now again banned his organization under the Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act. Since 2016 Zakir Naik is absconded from India. Meanwhile, the Indian government banned his channel, website, Twitter, and Facebook account. But, even today his mission in India is continued by his supporters who are involved in the spread of radical and radical Islam which is also called Salafi or Wahhabi ideology in the society.

Who is Zakir Naik?

Zakir Naik was born on 18 October 1965 in Mumbai, the capital of Maharashtra. He is an MBBS doctor by profession. Apart from this, he is recognized worldwide as a Muslim religious leader, writer, and speaker. Moreover, Zakir Naik is a believer of Wahhabiyat, the most conservative sect of Islam. Which gives a rigorous interpretation of the Quran and Hadith. Further, he also runs an organization called Islamic Research Foundation (IRS). The organization also has a channel named Peace TV. Through which Naik claims to provide Islamic education. His channel is watched by thousands of people all over the world.

Zakir Naik: accused of spreading fanatic ideology

Zakir Naik came into the limelight after the bomb blasts in Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh on July 1, 2016. In which 29 people were killed. One of the accused arrested after the blast was influenced by Zakir Naik. After that, the investigation started against Zakir Naik in India. Consequently, it was found that his statements are objectionable and spread hatred among different communities. After the investigation, Zakir Naik’s organization was banned in India. After that, he had left India and fled to Malaysia. Further, the Government of India has also issued an Interpol notice against Zakir Naik.

Zakir Nayak’s mission continues on social media 

Even after Zakir Naik is absconded from India, his supporters on social media especially on Twitter are busy spreading his ideology. There are many such accounts. Whose analysis shows that they are carrying out his work with full effort. On the other hand, our team investigated many such organizations after the absconding of Zakir Naik and found that all of them suddenly became very active after the ban on IRF. Further, we have analyzed the Twitter account of some and their posts here. The study of which clearly shows that all these organizations and individuals are marching ahead in the style of IRF and Zakir Nayak to further its mission.




The full name of AIDCA is the All India Da’wah Center Association. It describes itself as a charitable organization. The organization has its office in Mumbai. From where it conducts its activities. The meaning of Dawah in Islam is to preach the teachings of Islam to the people of other religions and call them towards Islam. Likewise, The main objective of AIDCA, according to its Facebook page, is to call people towards Islam.


  • It has three main objectives.
  • 1) To protect the rights and freedoms of Dawah centers.
  • 2) Enabling resource sharing in common forums.
  • 3) To cooperate in increasing the Dawah activities.
  • AIDCA accounts are active on social media, especially Twitter. All these have been found tweeting in support of Zakir Naik.
  • Tweet by @AIDCAofficial
Tweet – 1

Tweet – 2


Tweet from @AidcaMedia

Tweet – 1

Tweet – 2

Tweet – 3


Tweet -4



The above tweet shows that AIDCA has been a pioneer in running campaigns in support of Zakir Naik in India.

Analysis of AIDCA’s Timeline

Post Timeline

AIDCA Media’s Twitter timeline shows that the account was active from 14 April 2020 to 19 April 2020.

Word cloud

Wordcloud shows that most of the tweets of AIDCA Media have used words like ISIS, Zakir Naik, Muslim, India, etc.

Account Mention:

The graph below shows the accounts that were mostly tagged or mentioned by AIDCA Media. @Aidcaofficial was tagged 246 times, followed by @AidcaMedia and @peace_moin 197 and 76 times.

Use of hashtags:

The graph below shows that #ISISMadeInUSA was used more than 170 times by AIDCA Media, followed by #Qurbani 72, then #NoToUniformCivilCode 67 and #ZakirsLetterToIndians 28 times.

Followers of AIDCA Media

AIDCA Media has over 2,500 followers. Including some huge followers – @milligazette, @PeaceMoin, @yehlog, @advfaizsyed

Muhammad Amir Kashmiri

Muhammad Aamir Kashmiri Islamic community chairman K, newspaper “The Islamic Revival” editor, Islamic Global School Chairman K, and radio Sawat-ul-director of Islam. He intends to set up an Islamic Revival TV channel from the side of -ul-Islam in the future. Apart from this, they also have plans to set up institutes for higher education including medical and engineering streams.

Saut – ul – Islam Radio Stations:

Muhammad Amir claimed to have started the Islamic online radio ‘ Saut – ul – Islam ‘ to impart Wahhabi education to Kashmiri youth through radio. The radio station first went live in 2017. During this, he also received threats to switch off the radio.

Tweets of Muhammad Amir Kashmiri

Tweet: 1

Tweet: 2

Tweet: 3

Tweet: 4

Tweet: 5


Tweet: 6


Analysis of Muhammad Amir’s timeline

Mohammad Amir’s timeline shows that he is quite active on Twitter. He has posted the maximum number of tweets on October 13, 2021.

Word cloud

Word cloud shows that Muhammad Aamir majorly used words are Kashmir, India, Srinagar, Kashmir, killing, Islam, etc.

Account Mention:

The graph below shows the accounts that were tagged or mentioned. @revivalnews was tagged of the most times by Mohammad Amir over 150 times, followed by @PeaceMoin 95 and @MirwaizKashmir 45 times.

use of hashtags

The graph below shows which hashtags were used most often by Mohammad Amir. # K-most 122 times were used, then # Kashmiri, # Srinagar and # in Palestine 22, respectively, were used 16 and 13 times.

Followers of Muhammad Amir

Mohammad Amir has more than 2200 followers on his Twitter account. His followers include @SleepSkee, @MuhammadSmiry, @TurgayEvren 1, etc.

Yasir Arafat

Yasir Arafat is the founder of Paigam NGO. He describes himself as a social worker. He does some social work through his Paigam NGO. By analyzing his timeline, we found that he is a staunch supporter of Zakir Naik. Most of his tweets and posts are purportedly quoting from Quran and Hadith.

Yasser Arafat’s Tweets

Tweet – 1

Tweet – 2

Tweet – 3

Tweet -4

Tweet – 5

Tweet – 6


Analysis of Muhammad Amir’s timeline


Mohammad Amir’s timeline shows that he is quite active on Twitter. He has posted the maximum number of tweets on October 13, 2021.


Wordcloud shows that Yasir Post’s tweets mostly used words like Muslim, India, Police, Congress, etc.


Mention Account:

The graph below shows the accounts most mentioned by Yasir Post. @YasirPost tagged himself for more than 380 times, followed by @PeaceMoin and @007AliSohrab 190 and 39 times respectively.


Use of hashtags :

The graph below shows which hashtags Yasir used the most frequently. In which #Ia_ilaha_illallah was used more than 68 times, followed by #Islamophobia_in_india 56 times and #muslimphobia_in_india more than 42 times.

Yasir’s followers

Yasir has more than 61 thousand followers on Twitter account. His followers also includes big accounts like @nekoja_nekoja_, @Ahmedkabbash1, @shama7764.


  • Conclusion:

  • To sum up, we can say that Zakir Naik, facing charges ranging from terror funding to money laundering, continues his mission even after being absconded from India. Before escaping from India, a chain of many organizations was formed in different parts of the country by Zakir Naik to spread his fanatic ideology. Consequently, it became active with his departure in his support.
  • Lkewise, these organizations campaigned in support of Zakir Naik across the country. Campaigns were run on social media in support of him. Hashtags like #ZakirsLetterToIndians, #Islamophobia_in_india, #muslimphobia_in_india were used extensively. So, that Zakir Naik’s image of mazlum i.e. victim can be created in the Muslim community and it can be referred to as atrocities on Muslims in India. This is also proved by the above analysis.
  • Moreover, All the above Twitter accounts of Zakir Naik follow each other.
  •  And, these accounts mentioned each other in several tweets. Many also retweeted each other’s tweets.