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Saturday, May 28, 2022

Fact Check: Woman drug inspector murdered after AAP government was formed in Punjab?

After the formation of the Aam Aadmi Party government in Punjab, there has been a flood of misleading claims on social media. Some people support by taking the help of fake news, while many criticize Bhagwant Mann’s government for sharing misleading news. These days, the news is being posted on social media to criticize Bhagwant Mann Sarkar.

According to the news going viral, after the formation of the government of Bhagwant Mann, the drug business is flourishing again in Punjab. The accused of the drug trade killed the female drug inspector Dr. Neha Suri. It is also being claimed in the post that Nera Suri was continuously taking action against the drug mafia and drug dealers.

A user named Amit Tripathi (@amit4471) on Twitter wrote- “This is Mr. Kejriwal and his successor Mann Ka Udta Punjab Hai is Dr Neha Suri, who was posted as Drug Inspector in Punjab. Just a few months back, they raided some pharmacy outlets and got their licenses canceled for selling banned drugs.”

Fact Check:

DFRAC investigated the viral claim. Searching ‘Neha Suri’ on Google found a link to a news of Navbharat Times published on 30 March 2019. On opening this news, it came to know that Neha Suri was murdered three years ago.

According to the news of Navbharat Times- “The murder of drugs officer Neha Shourie in Kharar, Punjab has shocked everyone. Due to a 10-year-old enmity, a man killed Neha Shourie, a woman officer posted on the post of Zonal Licensing Authority. Neha had canceled the license of the drug shop of the accused during his tenure as Drug Inspector in the year 2009, after which he started enmity with Neha. conclusion:

In the investigation of DFRAC, the claims being made by social media users were found to be misleading. Neha Suri was murdered 3 years ago. Which is now going viral.

Claim- Drug Inspector Neha Suri was murdered after AAP formed the government in Punjab

Claimant- Social media users

Fact Check – Misleading


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