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Saturday, May 28, 2022

Fact Check: Did Karnataka High Court Permit Muslim Girls To Attend Class In Hijab?

A controversy over the dress code of the government PU college of Karnataka became an international topic of discussion. The matter got heated when girl students wearing hijab were not allowed to attend the class. We have already covered various angles of hate and fake accounts involved to amplify this issue in our exclusive reports- Mapping #Muskan: A protest amplified by Pakistan and #HijabRow – A Row of Communalism.

Meanwhile, a post of the Karnataka high court’s verdict is going viral on social media sites. The image claims that breaking news! Muskan won. Karnataka high court permitted that Muslim girls can take education in the Hijab. Along with the post, MD_Taj wrote Hey someone, pay attention here too.

Similarly, many other users shared this post on their handle.

Fact Check

On our Fact check analysis, we found that there is as of now, no such verdict given by the Karnataka high court. Infact, it reserved verdict on hijab row. Further, the Karnataka High Court on Wednesday said the uniform prescribed by the schools and colleges should be followed till the disposal of the case.

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Hence, from our analysis, it is clear that the viral image is fake and misleading. As of now, the Karnataka high court announced no such verdict as claimed by the viral post.

Claim Review: Karnataka High Court Permit Muslim Girls To Attend Class In Hijab

Claimed by: MD_Taj and other social media users

Fact check–  fake and misleading



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