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Saturday, May 28, 2022

Fact check: Did the wife of the Vice-President join Ukraine-Army to fight against Russia?

In our earlier report, we have already shown how a picture of Ukraine President Zelenskyy wearing an Army uniform got viral. Users claimed that Zelenskyy has joined the army to fights against the Russian Army. In the same way, another news of the vice-president’s wife joining the Ukraine army is going viral. As Defense Minister of Ukraine has declared that anybody who knows to hold a weapon can join the army to fight against Russia.

MotherRiverZen posted a picture of a lady wearing an army uniform and holding a weapon. The user claimed that the lady is the vice-president’s wife and she is joining Ukraine’s army to fight against Russia.

Fact check

After doing the reverse image search on Google, we got to know that picture is of 2021. I-stock posted the same picture on 22 August 2021 on the celebration of 30 years to Ukraine’s Independence. Hence proving the picture is not of the Ukraine-Russia war.

Image of the I-stock


Another picture where we can see the same lady in Army Uniform. Therefore, the Lady is not the wife of Vice-president as Ukraine has no such role of Vice-President in the nation. Notwithstanding the facts, she is only a female soldier in the Ukraine Army.

Conclusion: Hence proving that the images are misleading and the claim is fake.

Claim review: The wife of the Vice-President join Ukraine-Army to fight against Russia.

Claim by: MotherRiverZen

Fact check: misleading

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