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Saturday, May 28, 2022

Fact Check: Do CM Yogi owns an asset worth Rs 81000?

A claim is getting viral on Twitter that Yogi Adityanth owns assets whose total worth is Rs 81000. Users are also claiming that he wears a gold ear coil which weighs 20 grams and is worth Rs 49000, a Rudraksh gold platted Mala weighs almost 10 grams around his neck which costs Rs 20,000 along with a Samsung Smartphone of Rs 12000.  शिवदान सिंह छौंकर posted a picture of CM Yogi holding a paper in the presence of Amit Shah (Home Minister) and captioned it with listing his total assets on February 4th 2022. Following many more users claimed the same.


Fact Check:

After Analyzing, we found that the news which is circulated over Twitter about Yogi Ji owning assets worth Rs 81000 is not true. As per the report in TOI, Yogi filled an affidavit and declares his net worth of Rs 1.55 Crore. The Article also states that his net worth in the last UP election was Rs 96 lakh. Therefore the claim is fake and misleading as his net worth is in Crore and not in thousands.

Article of Times of India

The picture which was shared by users was of the day when CM Yogi filled a nomination from Gorakhpur Assembly Constituency in UP Election 2022.

Claim Review: Do CM Yogi owns an asset worth Rs 81000?

Claimed By: शिवदान सिंह छौंकर

Fact check: Misleading

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