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Saturday, May 28, 2022

Fact check: A PhotoShopped Image from Yogi Aditiyanath’s Twitter account got viral.

CM Yogi Adityanath triggered his election campaign by distributing smartphones and tablets to 1 crore students of Uttar Pradesh. In this hunt, an image was uploaded from his official Twitter account which was captioned, “जनपद इटावा, इतिहास रचने जा रहा है’आतंकियों के रहनुमा’ और अपराधियों के सरपरस्त’ यहां पस्त होंगे।इटावा ने ठाना है, हर बूथ पर कमल का फूल खिलाना है| which roughly states, “District Etawah is going to create history.The ‘leaders of terrorists’ and protectors of criminals’ will be battered here. Etawah has decided, Lotus flower is to be fed at every booth. Thanks, Etawah!

The tweet can be seen here:

Fact Check:

Through our research, we detect that the image shared from the official Twitter account of CM Yogi is basically photoshopped. Many have trolled CM Yogi for sharing a photoshopped image to promote himself in UP elections.  Here is the real image of the same.

Report of Outlook India


The Image shared by Yogi’s official Twitter account was not real, hence misleading in a real sense.

Fact Check: A PhotoShopped Image from YogiAditiyanath’s Twitter account got viral

Claimed by: YogiAdityanath

Fact Check : Misleading.

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