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Saturday, May 28, 2022

Fact check: Acid Attack Which took place in Pakistan claimed to be happen in Gorakhpur

According to a Facebook user Seema Singh, a piece of news is getting viral from UP CM’s hometown Gorakhpur. Two goons attacked a Muslim woman with acid and the victim died in the hospital itself. According to Seema’s tweet, no action was taken against the culprit. The tweet was posted on January 19 2022.

Seema Singh’s post

Fact Check

When our team researched the authenticity of the tweet, we got to know that the case is of 2014. UP Police clarified that the claim is fake as the accident took place in Pakistan. UP Police Fact Check tweeted, “The spreading of rumours by misleadingly describing the incident in Pakistan of 2014 as Gorakhpur has been denied by @gorakhpurpolice, and necessary legal action is being taken by registering an FIR against the rumour mongers.”

Gorakhpur Police also clarified the claim as fake and misleading. Gorakhpur Police tweeted, “The above incident is of 2014 from Pakistan which has been used to spread rumours, legal action is being taken against them.” On January 19, 2022.

Hence proving the tweet is fake and misleading.

Claim Review– Acid Attack Which took place in Pakistan claimed to be happened in Gorakhpur.

Claim by– Seema Singh, a Facebook user

Fact check– fake and misleading

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