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Saturday, May 28, 2022

Fact check: Did 50% of the Canadian Police resign to support Trucker’s protest in Ottawa?

The Trucker’s protest in Canada’s capital city Ottawa is getting uncontrollable, Jim Watson the mayor of Ottawa has declared a national emergency after seeing the elevation in protest occurred due to Covid-19 protocols. Meanwhile, another big claim is getting viral on social media about how 50% of Canadian Police have resigned from their post and the rest 50% are not taking orders from the Canadian Government to show their support in Trucker’s protest.

A month ago, a protest was drawn to raise voices against Trudeau’s new rule regarding Truckers crossing the US-Canadian border unvaccinated should get quarantined for a few days.

Fact Check

Our research led to a different fact where Anita Anand, MP of Oakville has cleared the confusion by tweeting Canadian Force is not Canadian Police and the government has yet not planned to involve Arm forces in the protest happening in Ottawa.

After checking the sites, we didn’t find any such news on the Canadian website, newspaper or any newspaper in that case. Therefore the claim is fake and misleading as there’s only one news that Army won’t get involved in the protest as time soon.

Claim review: 50% of the Canadian Police have resigned to support Trucker’s protest in Ottawa

Claim by: @maineacbagboy1

Fact check: fake and misleading



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