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FactCheck: Did 125 Passengers of Air India Flight Tested Covid Positive?

A piece of news is becoming massively viral. The news claims that 125 passengers of Air India flight from Italy to Rome tested Covid positive.


Meanwhile, several media houses like NewsNation, Mirror Now, ANI, Bharat Times have posted this news.

News Nation


Bharat Times



Mirror Now

Fact Check

On our research analysis, our team found that the flight was not of Air India. However, 179 passengers on the charter flight YU-661 landed at the Amritsar airport at around 1.30 PM on 5 January 2022. A Portuguese company Euro Atlantic Airways operated This charter flight between Milan in Italy and Amritsar in Punjab.

Moreover, Air India has crushed media reports with a tweet, “#FlyAI : Several Media houses has reported that Passengers of Air India flight from Rome to Amritsar have been tested covid positive. This is wrong and baseless. We doesn’t operate any flight from Rome currently.”

Furthermore, ANI has retweeted a corrected tweet, “Correction | 125 passengers of an international chartered flight from Italy have tested positive for Covid-19 on arrival at Amritsar airport. Subsequently, Total passengers on the flight were 179: VK Seth, Amritsar Airport Director.”

ANI tweet
ANI tweet on Air India

Hence, the our team found this new is misleading. Though, several media houses has corrected or edited there tweet now. But it should be the paramount responsibility of any media house to properly investigate the credibility of any piece of information before posting is as a news.