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The truth behind Sitaram Yechury’s tweet calling Mr. Xi his boss

Photoshop has become a weapon to claim false allegations and prove them with a picture. You may have seen many forgery cases on social media done with the help of Photoshop. Sitaram Yechury, leader of the communist party, member of SFI,(Student Federation of India) has always taken active participation in politics. Recently a tweet has been ignited of Mr. Sitaram Yechury where he is found posting a picture shaking hands with China’s President Xi Jinping and tweeting, “It’s a pleasure for me to meet my boss” on Twitter.

Facebook post
Facebook post

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Fact Check

Tweet’s timing

As we can see in the post, the date of the tweet is 20 October 2015 however Sitaram Yechury joined Twitter on the 27th of October, 2015.

Yechury’s profile

CPI(M), Communist Party of India also gave an explanation regarding fake tweet and proved it wrong. They have also indirectly blamed the Modi government for spreading the forgery.

The image is from 2015 when Mr. Yechury went to the Chinese capital to participate in an international conference of Asian political parties as per the article in The Hindu.

The Hindu’s article

Conclusion: The article is an example of how renowned personalities are defamed for the sin they have not even committed. Hence the news is fake and check before spreading any news.