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Debunking Cyber Fraud in the name of CISF Officers

In this era of digitization, cases of cyber fraud or online scams are heard every day in India. According to Microsoft’s 2021 Global Tech Support Scam Research Report, it is shown that consumers in India experienced relatively high “scam encounter rate” of 69% in the last 12 months, which has decreased just by one percent from what was experienced in 2018.

Instead of regular reporting by various media channels and awareness programs by the government against online scams, people in India are easily duped. Our team has worked on one such online scam which is active since 3 months and is cheating common people in the name of CISF officers. Here we have tried to cover the details that you must keep in mind before buying anything on social media or any other marketing website.

While surfing Facebook, we found a post by the name of Amit Kumar, who was calling himself CISF personnel and was willing to sell furniture and other items which is only 6 months old.

When our team tried to dig deeper about him and searched more about Amit Kumar on Facebook, we came across several pages by the name of Amit Kumar which were created on different dates. Listing each of them.

1. Amit Kumar CISF Officer

2. Amit Kumar

3. Amit Kumar 8337920112

4. Amit CISF Officer

5. Amit Kumar

6. Amit Kumar

7. Amit

8. Amit kumar

On analyzing the contents of each page, it was found that all the pages were made to sell furniture and other items in the name of a CISF personnel named Amit Kumar, who is willing to sell these items due to his duty transfer.

Post from page created on 5th Sept,2021

Post from second page created on 5th Sept, 2021  
Post from page created on 15 Sept,2021
Post from page created on 18 Sept,2021
Post from page created on 24 Sept,2021
Post from page created on 30 Sept,2021
Post from page created on 6 Oct,2021 at 18:35

Post from page created on 6 Oct,2021 at 22:49
Table 1: Comparison of Posts by different pages in the name of Amit Kumar

The contradictory thing we realized in the post was that the personnel name and content writing patterns are the same, but the product images and their rewards differ in each post. The WhatsApp number given in the post also varies from post to post for further contact. Using Truecaller, our team tried to find out under what name this number is saved.

S. No.Page NamePage Created onPosted about items onWhatsapp NumberTruecaller Description
Amit Kumar CISF Officer

15 Sept 202115 Sept, 2021 at 17:129861502493Amit Kumar Orissa, India airport Indian Army airport service
2Amit Kumar  6 Oct 20216 Oct 2021 at 18:359583741647Amit Kumar Airport Service, CISF Officer, Orissa, India
3Amit Kumar 8337920112 6 Oct 20216 Oct 2021 at 22:498337920112Amit Kumar Orissa, India

4Amit CISF Officer 5 Sept 20215 Sept9692859897Bablu Kumar Indian Officer, [email protected] Tamil Nadu, 126, Chennai, India

5Amit Kumar 18 Sept 202118 Sept 2021 9:439178048559Amit Kumar Orissa, India  

6Amit Kumar 5 September, 20215 Sept, 20219692609841Amit Kumar Indian, Bhartiya Se na, India Cisf
7Amit 24 Sept, 202124 Sept, 2021 17:399178048559Amit Kumar Orissa, India
8Amit kumar 30 Sept, 202130 Sept 2021 15:509692156752Amit Kumar Cisf Orissa, India
Table 2 : Details of Page and WhatsApp number shared

On analyzing the details of various numbers used by Amit Kumar through different pages, it was found that this page creation was started by him on 5th September 2021 and that too by using the number of Bablu Kumar. Then later, he learned about it and on the same day i.e., 5th September created another page using another number in the name of Amit Kumar. Soon after, he followed the same trend and opened 6 more accounts on 15th, 18th, 24th, 30th September and 6th October. Two accounts were opened on 6th October using different numbers.

Checking the Profile Picture used in these Accounts:

Two times, he has used the profile picture i.e., in pages created on 5th Sept and 18th  Sept 2021. Let us look for its verification:

Profile picture used in 5th Sept, 2021 page
Figure 2: Profile picture used in 5th Sept, 2021 page

On performing reverse image search of the image, it was found that it is taken from an Instagram channel named indian_military_power which was uploaded it on 9th June, 2021.

Profile picture used in page created on 18 Sept, 2021
Figure 4: Profile picture used in page created on 18 Sept, 2021

On performing reverse image search, it was found that already there are complaints filed against the person using this picture.

A twitter account ‘Jyoti Lal Lodhi’ has used this image and called him a fraud person in her tweet as is shown below:

One more complaint against the culprit has been filed at consumer complaints forum by RajeshK95051311 on Jul 2,2020

Thus, this person is duping people since 2020 by using picture of a person dressed in Indian Army clothes.

Taking a look at the post and photos of furniture that culprit has attached with it:

Here is the example of one post made by the culprit through the page created on 15 September 2021

On performing reverse search of the image it was found almost all the pictures are taken from marketing sites Indiamart, OLX, Flipkart and bench online.

Image attached with Facebook postsImage Taken From
1. Almirah
2. Sofa
Bench Online
3. Washing Machine
4. AC
India mart
Table 3: Images of the products shown in the posts are taken from marketing websites

As on reverse searching the profile picture of pages of Amit Kumar, we came across the consumer complaints portal, there our team found one more grievances filed by Kunal KK against this account on August 30,2021.

On checking the WhatsApp number through Truecaller, it was found that one number is registered in the name of Bablu Kumar. We tried to find him on Facebook, and were surprised to find that there are 5 pages active in the name of Bablu Kumar which were created for the same reason to sell products. In these accounts too, Bablu Kumar was describing himself as a CISF jawan and is selling his furniture and other items due to duty transfer.

Doing the analysis of these 5 accounts in the same manner as we did for Amit Kumar, it was found he has also used 5 different WhatsApp numbers. But this time, the people has marked his number as a spam on truecaller.

S. No.Page NamePage Created OnPosted about items onWhatsApp NumberTruecaller Description
1Bablu Kumar 14 Sept 202114 Sept 20219348675186Bablu Kumar Military
2Bablu Kumar 15 Sept 202115 Sept 2021 at 13:099707636987Bablu Kumar 14 Spam Reports
3Bablu Kumar 5 Oct 20215 Oct 2021 at 8:159692869745Bablu Kumar Cisf Officer
4Bablu Kumar 27 Sept 202127 Sept 2021 at 17:349827026517Bablu Kumar Military
5Bablu Kumar  1 Oct 20216 Oct 2021 at 22:409692858610Bablu Kumar Travel & Tourism
Table 4: Analysis of Pages made in the name of Bablu Kumar

Again the same pattern of posts appears in these accounts and it can be said that the same culprit is handling all these pages or it can be a teamwork led by one person.

Soon we found many more accounts in the name of Dilip Bhai CISF, Avdhesh Kumar, Manjeet Singh, Neeraj Kumar and Mohananda Pathak, posting in the same manner as CISF personnel who want to sell products due to duty transfer.

This case study was shown so that you should be alert to accounts like “Amit Kumar”, “Bablu Kumar” etc., which are present in social media with the sole purpose of duping people’s hard earned money. It is our responsibility to do proper person verification before purchasing any product online.