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Fact-Check: Morphed photo of PM Modi at Central Vista site shared by many verified twitter handles.

On September 27,2021, an image of PM Modi from his visit to the Central Vista site began to be shared on many accounts on Twitter and Facebook.

The image shows a photographer laying down on the ground to take a picture of Modi.

The image was shared by the Chairman of INC’s social media department, Rohan Gupta and director Avinash Das amongst others.

The image was shared on Facebook as well.


However, upon clearer inspection, we found that the image is clearly photo shopped. The proportions between PM Modi and the photographer is off and we also saw a watermark labelled @Indian_Armada on all of the images.

Before we reverse searched the individual segments of the picture, we looked up who Indian Armada is and found that it is a twitter account that posts photo shopped images for amusement of their 35,000 followers. We happened to find the original photo shopped image posted by the account.

We then individually checked two segments of the image. Upon reverse searching the image of PM Modi, we found the un-edited image posted by Union Minister Piyush Goyal.

We also found the photographer’s image which was taken from a stock photo website called pxfuel.

Since the image is clearly photo shopped and was made from the purpose of a gag, this claim is fake.