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Fact-Check: Turkey has not issued a new PM Modi postage stamp since 2015

Since September 11,2021, a post about Turkey and  PM Modi started to get posted by hundreds upon hundreds of accounts on twitter and Facebook.

The posts feature an image of a postage stamp of PM Modi issued by the government of Turkey. The users have claimed that “The Muslim nation Turkey has issued a postage stamp on the watchman Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi ji and here we cant stop abusing him and calling him a thief”.

This claim was copy pasted and posted hundreds of times on Twitter.

Claim posted by user
Claim posted by user
Claim posted by user
Claim posted by user

The claim was also posted on Facebook.


Upon searching the claim on google we found that Turkey issued a host of postage stamps of world leaders to commemorate the G20 summit which took place in 2015.

G20 Turkey also tweeted about the event along with the stamps in 2015.

Tweet posted by G20 Turkey

Additionally, we also found a post made by BJP Assam’s twitter handle in 2019 with a similar claim.

Same postage stamp posted in 2019 by BJP Assam

Since the postage stamp was issued in 2015 and the fact that PM Modi was not the only leader to have been issued a stamp, this claim is misleading. We also see a copy pasting pattern that emerged with this post to create a false narrative.