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Saturday, May 28, 2022

Fact Check: Did Ajit Doval tweet that If there is no Saraswati Pooja in Jamia then why is iftar celebrated in BHU?

A screengrab of a tweet by the name of National Security Advisor Ajit Doval is getting viral on social media. Further, in the screengrab, it is written that, if there is no Saraswati Pooja in Jamia then why is iftar celebrated in Banaras Hindu University? VC should be asked this question?

Social media users are sharing this screenshot massively on their accounts.

Similarly, another user Dr. Ram Pandey also shared the same screengrab.

Fact Check

To know the reality of the viral screengrab we looked for the official Twitter account of Ajit Doval. But, found a tweet of the verified account of Arindam Bagchi, official Spokesperson, Ministry of External Affairs, India. In the tweet he wrote, “Important Alert! Shri Ajit Kumar Doval K.C., National Security Advisor has no official account on Twitter. This is to advise caution against impostor or fake accounts under his name.”

Then, we searched for the account @Iajitdoval_  shown on the screengrab. We found that it is a parody account.

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Hence, from our fact check analysis it is clear that Ajit Doval is not on Twitter. Hence, the viral screenshot is wrong and baseless

Claim: Ajit Doval questions BHU VC that If there is no Saraswati Pooja in Jamia then why is iftar celebrate there on a tweet?

Claimed by: @Anti.Reservation.volunteers  and other social media users

Fact Check: False and baseless



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