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Saturday, May 28, 2022

Fact Check: Whole truth behind the bloodshed in JNU.

On the occasion of Ram Navami, students of ABVP got violent and demanded to take off Non-vegetarian dishes from the menu of Kaveri Hostel at JNU. Both the right-wing and left-wing students got into a heated argument over freedom on this matter.

JNU students also claimed of being attacked by ABVP members. In the midst of all this, a picture is getting trolled on Twitter of a girl. It is claimed that the injury on the girl’s head is fake and instead of blood there is sauce on her head.

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Fact Check:

We reverse searched the image to know the authenticity of the claim. We find the same pictures circulating on many news sites.

The news site like The Wire, Hindustan Times.

Madhurima Kundu (the girl in the blue kurta) too shared on her Facebook account the whole incident.

Similarly, Akhtarista Ansari tweeted about her health o her official Twitter account.


Therefore, the picture is getting viral with the fake claim.

Claim Review: Whole truth behind the bloodshed in JNU.

Claimed by: social media students.

Fact Check: fake.







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